If you are into the Middle Age and its legacy, do not miss this tour around two of the best- preserved and quaint villages in Catalonia.

Walking along the streets of Pals you will have the feeling that you have travelled back in time to the 12 th century as you are surrounded by loopholes and machicolations. This setting really helps the imagination run free and to travel in time. After visiting the facilities inside the medieval walls, where we will find the keep, a 15-metre tall tower in Romanesque style, we will reach the peak of the hill, from where we will enjoy an overview of les Gavarres, the Pyrenees, Pals’ beach, the Medes islands as well as the best view over Empordà.

Peratallada, literally ‘cut stone’, still keeps its medieval appearance thanks to its emblematic buildings such as the castle, built over different periods of time in different styles while still considered one of the most interesting examples of medieval palace in Catalonia. Besides this fortress, we can also fins remarkable constructions such as the Keep, the Tower of Hours, and the captivating plaça de les Voltes. Strolling along Peratallada’s streets covered in sett paving you will find out how a lot of the foundations from buildings in the village are made of actual natural stone.

Length: Depending on the starting point. Leaving from Tossa the tour takes 4 hours approximately.

Tips: We will find uneven streets and stairs along the tour. If you do not have means of transport, we will arrange it for you.

Price: Ask for more information about group pricing.

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