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Elena Punsola (Founder, manger and guide)

My name is Elena Punsola and I am behind this project which was born in winter 2014 out of my passion for Tossa de Mar and my enthusiasm to show everyone what a small great village Tossa is.

I started this project because Tossa is fascinating. I lived in Barcelona for a long time, where I graduated in Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University and got a Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies of Art History from University of Barcelona. This situation meant that I could only enjoy Tossa in summer or at the weekends, and every time it was harder for me to leave. Today it has been seven years since I finally moved in.

In 2012 I was certified to become an Official Tourist Guide by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government) allowing me to do what I like the most: guiding through Catalonia and showing its cultural heritage and learning more every day.

I often work alongside other official guides although all the tours are designed and planed by myself.

From Tossa Tour Experience, taking this tour, I hope to get you to discover Tossa and everything this village can offer. This way you will make the most of it and maybe you, just like me, will wish this experience never ends.

See you soon!

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