Tossa Tour Experience

The guided tour will give you a general view of Tossa in one visit. You will get to know the cultural and natural heritage through its most emblematic sights and best-hidden corners, as well as its history and traditions and the story of those who have found a place to hide in Tossa, have loved it, and have witnessed how it has become what Tossa is today; a great little village at the heart of Costa Brava.

Did you know that…

Tossa’s rampart, the town’s most representative icon, is more than 300 meters long and is the only village with a rampart on the Catalan coast? And it was declared Historical Artistic National Monument in 1931?

Ava Gardner, one of the most famous Hollywood actress, shot a film in the narrow streets of Vila Vella and that she, along with Frank Sinatra, once her partner, walked along Tossa’s beach?

…the magazine National Geographic named Tossa’s beach one of the top 25 beaches in the world?

Marc Chagall, the internationally-renowned painter, painted one of his most famous works in Tossa and that it can be found inside the town museum?

cim-i-tomba is one of the most typical and delicious dish from Tossa? It was the daily meal that the fishermen cooked on the boat with the excess fish that they couldn’t put on sell.

…Tossa has traditions that have been kept for centuries that show the commitment of the locals to their ancestors?

With Tossa Tour Experience you will learn this and much more!


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